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Micro/Skin Needling

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Micro-needling and skin-needling are anti-aging treatments used to improve the appearance of the skin by minimizing and or eliminating fine lines, wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots and scars. Micro-needling is used to tighten and smooth out fine lines and enlarged pores. This gives an overall lift to the entire face giving it a smoother and tighter appearance. Skin-needling is used for specific targeted areas such as scars, age spots, and deeper wrinkles. Both micro-needling and skin-needling use needles to create small micro punctures to the desired area which activates the natural healing response of the body. This response forms new collagen resulting in thicker and firmer skin. 


Although improvement is typically seen following only one treatment, it usually requires more than one session to achieve optimal results. The skin continues to improve for many months following each treatment. The exact number of treatments cannot be determined beforehand as individual factors as well as time play a role.


Micro-needling and skin-needling are effective and relatively inexpensive anti-aging treatment options compared to surgical facelifts. The treatments are considered safe requiring no down time.  Although several sessions may be required, the treatments do not use toxic chemicals or substances but rather the bodies own healing process to achieve natural looking results. 

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