Am I a candidate for Micro Needling

and/or Skin Needling

I have not been treated with Retin A or similar products in the last 30 days


I have not been treated with Accutane within the last 12 months


I have not had a chemical skin peel in the area to be treated in the last 30 days?


I am not currently on blood thinners, i.e. Warfin, Coumadin, aspirin therapy or the like 


I do not have any skin conditions in the area to be treated. i.e. dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, ect.


I am not allergic to numbing medications or "caine" derivatives? 


I do not have a condition that requires me to take antibiotics prior to dental procedures 


I am not prone to hyper-pigmentation (people who are prone to hyper-pigmentation should never have skin-needling)


I am not prone to developing keloids


If you have answered "CORRECT"  to all of the questions regarding Micro-needling and/or Skin needling, then you are a candidate for these treatments

If you answered "INCORRECT" to any of the questions, please consult with your physician before scheduling a Micro-needling and/or Skin needling procedure

*Disclaimer: Pretty Please Studio is not a medical facility. People with severe scarring, acne, keloids, or other unusual skin conditions are advised to seek medical professionals i.e. dermatologist, for treatment and advice before attempting to book an appointment.

Pretty Please Studio cannot guarantee results as they may vary and depend on the individual's skin tone, age, condition, ect.