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Permanent Cosmetics

Permanent cosmetics is a specialized micropigmentation or tattooing process used for specific areas of the face. It is a process that enhances facial features, not alters them.  Cosmetic dyes are created specifically for the face and offer a variety of colors designed for skin tone and skin coloring. Specialized equipment is used to implant the color into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance eyebrows, lips and eyes. In contrast to traditional body tattoos where the attention to the tattoo is desired, the result of permanent cosmetics when done correctly and in good taste is virtually indiscernible to others, providing additional satisfaction and confidence for the client. 


Contrary to popular belief, permanent cosmetics will fade with time. Many factors lend to the fading process and it varies based on the clients skin care regime, skin tone and color, age, dye color etc. 


Besides the time savings and the hassle of daily makeup application, permanent cosmetics offers a number of other benefits for the client. The normal aging process often times renders loss of eyebrow and or eyelash hair and color, and lip color/definition. Permanent cosmetics can help restore this. It can also benefit those who struggle with applying makeup due to age or health conditions such as arthritis or vision problems. There are no worries of it coming off while sweating, showering, sleeping, rubbing, crying etc. 


Permanent cosmetics is not for everyone and should be considered thoughtfully. For those that are seeking a low cost and carefree alternative that focuses on enhancing and not altering their appearance, this is what permanent cosmetics can provide. 


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