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Steam Bed

Before your Session

Steam therapy has been used throughout history and in many cultures for it's many health benefits. It is an effective and naturalistic approach whereby only steam and heat are used to improving ones health. It's mostly known for its detoxification and cleansing benefits, but it also aids in weight loss, improves circulation, relieves sore muscles and joint pain, improves skin, reduces stress, boosts the immune system and improves respiratory conditions.


The steam bed at Pretty Please Studio is Ayurveda approved. It allows the client to keep there head cool as only their body is heated with steam underneath the canopy. It is considered generally safe for healthy individuals however it is not recommended for those who have unstable heart or circulation issues, low blood pressure, or pregnant females. These steam sessions are not meant for medical treatment of the client and those individuals who have chronic medical issues or who are under a physicians care are advised to check with their treating physician prior to making a steam therapy appointment.


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